Happy Thanksgiving!

Here we are in our cozy Park Lane hotel, watching BBC world, enjoying my favorite Pret proper porridge for breakfast.

So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Last night at dinner, we all shared what we’re thankful for and I had to restrain myself from blubbering on. Its special to pause and reflect on gratitute for the ability to work, the love, health and support of family, loyalty of friends, and seeing the world with my favorite travel navigator.

Incredibly grateful for this trip. The bonus of Thanksgiving travel is the normal vacation anxiety of missing work is gone because everyone is home. As a result, I slipped into vacation mode once we stepped on the plane Tuesday night.

Katie met us at our hotel Wednesday evening and I felt a burst of energy seeing my oldest, best friend in the lobby. We walked through the central part of town, admiring all the festive decorations. They waste no time getting into the holiday spirit-decorations went up weeks ago!

From Katie’s insta

Kevin met up with us at Waterstones, and we all took part in the bookstores Christmas party. We sipped wine, enjoyed mince pies, and I reveled in being surrounded by Katie’s awesome bookish friends and-I know it’s cheesy-their lovely accents.

We walked through Covent Garden before ubering to dinner. I got irrationally excited by the international uber but it was awesome. We got to see river an all the night views and I felt buzzy and glamorous as we sped through the city.

After picking up some fizz, made our way to Tayyab, an incredible Indian restaurant. Holy smokes-the lamb chop. It was our first chance to hang out, the four of us, for a full evening-despite both being in 7+ year relationships!-and it was full of table-gripping-laughter, story swapping, and just the warm comfort of being with family.

More on the rest of the trip soon, but it’s time to get ready and get out for the day!

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