Vacation-Day 2

Greetings from the plane to Dublin!

Wanted to take some brief notes on the happy memories from the last two days in London.

Anthony Bourdain’s Fight Jetlag instructions worked well-since we stayed up late Wednesday, we managed to get about 7 hours of sleep the first night.

We woke to a completely fogged in city and made our way to Pret. Full of fruit and porridge, our first destination was the British Museum.


Walking through Russel Park, the sun started to come out, highlighting the pretty fall colors.


As we stepped in the atrium of the museum, I felt as thought I was in the Portrait Gallery atrium-though the London museum was much grander. Knowing the sunshine might not last long, I was hesitant to spent too much time indoors, so we focused on the Egyptian section.


This statue is from around 1,000 BC. The hyrogliphics and other statues are void of movement and emotion, so I was particularly struck by the fact the artist captured the husband holding the wife’s hand.

The museum was bursting with British field-trippers, and it was adorable eavesdropping on their accents, in their charming little jumper and blazer uniforms.

We walked through Covent Garden to Somerset House. The ice skating rink was spectacular, adorned with Fortum and Mason decorations and trees.




From there, we walked to the Millennium Bridge and the sun started to dip behind the clouds. We followed the South Bank to Borough Market, one of my favorite stops from our last trip.

After admiring the vendors, we sat outside indulged in paella and a buttery duck confit sandwich-heaven.


At this point it was around 2 in the afternoon and the jet lag started kicking in. We tubed back to Park Lane and napped through the afternoon. Vacation rules.

That evening, we got dressed up and made our way to Katie and Kevin’s for Thanksgiving dinner! They share a lovely row home with their friends Jenni and Maarten-sitting in the cozy living room reminded me of the tall and narrow Fed Hill houses.

Kevin put on Christmas music, Katie made a delicious Camembert spread and we all toasted to the holiday. It felt so homey and special.



For dinner, we made our way to the Breakfast Club in Shoreditch. Shoreditch felt very trendy-on our way to the restaurant we passed a launch party for SnoozBox, a portable hotel. I’ll have to look it up.

The restaurant went all-out to put on a proper Thanksgiving dinner. American flags, Texas jerseys, USA sweaters-it was hilarious. The dinner was spot-on Thanksgiving fare-turkey, sweet potatoes, pie-the whole thing. My favorite part-as I mentioned yesterday-was being with family in such a special city. It was a delight to meet Katie’s friends-they were warm and welcoming and I can’t wait to see everyone again in May for Katie and Kevin’s wedding!





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