Speeeeed it up a little!

Did you catch the I Love Lucy Christmas special last night?


We did, totally by accident, and it was a treat to see the job switch episode in color.

The rest of the weekend was simple and nice, though I’m feeling the opposite of the I Love Lucy candy bosses’ “SPEED IT UP A LITTLE!!” command. There’s a voice in my head saying-“time! slow down, slow down.”

Next week, I’ll ease into Bar review and all the fun, spontaneous, cozy, relaxation of the past few months will come to halt. It’s all temporary, but I’m dreading it.

Until then, just focusing on all the simple, nice moments during this free time. A few from this weekend:

Finding Our Tree


We’re still hoping to find our ornaments….they may not have survived the move. We can’t find them anywhere. In any case, this lanky, minimalist tree fits in well in our hipster zip code.


No photos, but on Friday night, thanks to a gift certificate from Mom and Dad (thanks!!) we went to Toast for dinner. The drinks were creative and delicious, but the standout dish was their kale Caesar salad. You know those meals that are so good, any subsequent meal is a let down if its not that? This was one of those. David replicated the recipe, and the rest of the weekend was kale Caesar dinners.

Drinks with Old and New Friends

On Saturday night we got drinks in Downtown Oakland with Kim and Charlie. There’s a lot of great places, and I want to explore more of the area-in March :) Last night, Kelleen, Katie and I wine skyped and toasted to Katie’s 30th birthday!!


It was exactly the kind of simple, low-key weekend that I’ll craaaave when things get crazy in January and February. I just have to remember that studying is temporary, and these quiet weekends will be ready and waiting when everything is over.

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