70 days

Today marked the “soft launch” of the next 2 1/2 months of bar studying-70 more days till the test.

The prep course is designed around a 12/29 start date, but you can bump it up to as early as 12/1. Trying to balance the need for extra time with my fear of burning out, 12/15 seemed like a good time to start.

Thinking writing will slow down until March, but I’m sure I’ll check in to vent or note gratitude. There were several posts I’ve been meaning to write before study-zone. One was on my new found love for ClassPass. I’m almost at 30 classes since joining in October. Exploring the studios in SF and Oakland has become one of my favorite fall activities. The classes are all fantastic and SO much fun. Hope to write about my favorite studios (RideOakland, Wheelhouse, CorePower Yoga, Bar Method) at some point. For now, just wanted to memorialize my adoration. I’m hoping to be able to squeeze in a class or two a week this winter-I’ll need it for stress relief!

I also wanted to write out things I’ve grown to love about Oakland. It’s been 6 months since I moved from DC and wow, what a difference 6 months make. It’s late and I need to sign-off, but just for time capsule-sake, at this moment-here’s what I love about Oakland: our tiny, light-filled non-basement apartment, living next door to Trader Joes and Market Hall, being across the street from BART and getting to SF in 25 minutes, FRESH PRODUCE, sunshine, pretty view of the city and a peak at the hills from my office, awesome ClassPass affiliated studios, the ability to see college friends and family and not have to fly across the country, incredible natural beauty and parks just a short drive away.

And now-bed time for bonzo.

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