Annual Sister Flight Home

I’m working away this afternoon, and all of a sudden, a rush nostalgia washes over me. Suddenly, all I could think about was memories of the anticipation of flying home for Christmas.  For the past three years, Janou and I took the Thursday afternoon Virgin America flight home for Christmas.  Those trips were always total highlight of the holiday season.  The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, as it got bitterly cold and work got stressful, I always ached for home and California. Janou and I would tell ourselves, “it’s ok! Just a few weeks till we’re home!” Nothing compared to the excitement of loading up our luggage, jumping in the car, and heading to Dulles.

This year, I’m not going home until Christmas day, and Janou’s doing the trip from Dulles tonight.  It’s all for wonderful reasons-I live Oakland, saving vacation days, and balancing holiday time with two families.  But this afternoon, I’m missing those airport trips. Going to stop writing, as I’m getting silly and need to get back to work.  Thankfully, Janou is flying home tonight which means we’ll all be together in a week! A few photos those fun journeys in 2013 and 2012:

flight flight 3

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