Good views

Sitting here at the Rockridge BART stop, looking at the SF skyline, cursing myself for not leaving my apartment 2 minutes earlier and missing the train. Happy Tuesday!

I’ll be here for a bit (thank you, absurdly infrequent BART schedule). Ohh-ouch. Feeling some Tuesday grouch coming on.

Need to turn this around-the day has barely started! One thing I’ve been immensely grateful for during these weeks of studying are the beautiful views from my window.

At home, I love studying in the evening and watching the sunset from our dining table. It was pretty gorgeous the this weekend, and my phone camera does not do it justice:


At work, we’re lucky enough to have massive windows in our office. The best part of a foggy, gray day is when it burns off into a glimmering, sunny afternoon:


I’ll spend most of the next 6 weeks looking out at those views while studying and working, and I’m grateful for the pretty surroundings.

Sometimes, I take a break :) Like this weekend. My colleague, Georgia, hosted our belated work Christmas party at her home in SF. It reminded me how grateful I am to work with such interesting, dynamic and funny people. And the view from the deck made it all that much nicer;


Hooray! Here’s the train. Here we go, Tuesday!

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