A bit of weekend gratitude

It’s a quiet and very sunny Saturday morning and I’m about to head out to take on a day of studying. Inspired by Julie and Divya’s cheerful Friday lists, reflecting on a few things I’m loving this weekend:

The Fighting Hydrangea!


Bought a bunch of hydrangea at TJ’s nearly two weeks ago. Two of them died that day (fickle creatures!) but this guy is holding on strong. I’m rooting for him to keep thriving this weekend as he’s sure brought me joy this January.

The Gradual End of Daylight Savings


Feeling like Daylight Savings is beginning it’s slow retreat out of our lives. In fact, knowing it wouldn’t get dark quiet as early, on Thursday, I felt emboldened to bike to Berkeley. I discovered two things: 1) I missed biking! And 2) The East Asian Library. This doctored-up looking photo is from my phone at the library. The library is gorgeous. I’m actually almost excited to spend the day there. Thursday’s trip gave me the courage to bike to work again. Kicking off Friday biking through the neighborhood was a perfect start to the end of the week.

Mindy Lahiri’s LDR Monologue

Took a brief study break Wednesday for some take-out Noodle Theory and Mindy Project. From the opening scene (of UCLA!) with the monologue on long distance relationships (brought back several cringe-worthy memories….eating Nutella for dinner….) the first half of the episode was definitely one of the highlights of the week. It’s beginning to feel a lot like 2014 MP and that’s a goooood thing.

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