Surprise! Weekend :)

Saying goodbye to a quiet and productive weekend-with some very generous surprises!

Saturday afternoon, I came home from a study day to a package from FedEx. It felt like Christmas opening it-and when I did-what an awesome surprise:


A care basket from KMB! Katie filled the basket with treats, hot chocolate mix, a hilarious card and an inspirational calendar. I could just hear Katie’s encouraging voice telling me to keep calm and just get through this. It was JUST the boost I needed to power through the rest of my practice questions. So, so thoughtful. I’ve been enjoying the snacks all weekend :)

I was motivated to get my work done so I could enjoy dinner. David said he made a reservation at Oliveto, so I pushed through a lot of work to have some fun. I was so excited to go out to dinner! As the hostess brought us to our table, we turned the corner, and found my parents, chatting and drinking red wine :)


It was a very happy surprise! They flew up to SF for a fun weekend away and coordinated with David to surprise me during a study break. It an awesome burst of energy and encouragement to see them, catch up, laugh, and NOT think about the exam. Also-holy smokes, Oliveto is delicious. The room is warm and glowy, the food is subtle and delicious, and it’s just a very special, very nice place. The evening was the perfect respite from all the stress. I wish I could have spent the weekend tooling around SF with my parents, but I’m so grateful for their incredible surprise at dinner.

The rest of the weekend, I was parked right here:


at the dining table, working through bar review. The flowers made it all much cheerier and were a very sweet surprise :) It was SO nice having the extra day today to catch up, sleep and catch my breath.

Also, pizza!





David made an incredible “use up all the leftovers” pizza last night. My favorite topping: leftover rosemary. SO good.

And another week begins!

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  1. Yay for the parentals visit! How fun – sounds like you had a great weekend. I love David’s concentration on pizza making. xoxo

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