Tiny House

Now that I’m off Facebook, David’s daily social media reports are my main source for updates on the world (and people-I’m kind of a nosy parker).  For example, last night, I learned about #deflategate, Monday’s Chipotle Sofritas deal AND the Tiny House TV Show.

It will take intense self-control to abstain from watching an episode as one episode will quickly turn to a day of binging. So, Tiny House Nation, you’re now on my March of Fun List.  Tiny Houses are fascinating.  We watched the documentary, TINY, this fall and I’ve spent wayyy too much time pouring over Tiny House blogs. Ever since we moved–and this is likely a direct result to the realization that housing is OUT OF CONTROL expensive–I’ve become more and more fascinated with small living.  Actual tiny house living would not work for me, but the Small Spaces section on Apartment Therapy is incredibly inspiring.

So many reasons I’m eager for March-Tiny House Nation is now on the list.tiny house

Photo from: http://archinect.com/news/article/103322782/interview-with-zack-giffin-host-of-tv-show-tiny-house-nation 

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