Friends to Grow Up With.

Full disclosure-just binged on several episodes of Parenthood, so….you can guess my state of mind while writing this. This weekend, Kelleen and Katie were rockstars and travelled to Oakland for a We Turned/Turning 30/the Bar is over/End of Winter reunion weekend.

While past reunion weekends were filled with nights out, day drinking, and hours of laughter, this weekend reminded me of the value of a different kind of reunion. When we lived closer together, yes, we had a BLAST, but we also had each other close by to talk and cry while growing up in law school. So much of law school was beyond miserable, but it helped me grow up and it fostered incredible friendships.

This weekend reminded of all of that. The first few months of 2015 were intense for all of us. Intense in awesome ways, and intense with other challenges. We each needed this weekend to vent, cry, laugh and be reminded that we’re growing up, and it can be overwhelming, but it’s ok. When I say we basically did not stop talking from the moment we sat down at Chow Park for lunch on Friday ’till Sunday morning at the airport-it would only be a slight exaggeration. We had a lot of catching up to do! I’m still feeling pretty drained from the past two months, but being together, talking and listening was tremendously restorative.

This wasn’t the ridiculously, over-the-top reunion weekend of the past-but that wasn’t what we needed. We just needed each other to talk, listen, cry and laugh in a way you only can with the people who know you best. Even though I’ll soon be 30, I still feel as though I’m growing up-and I couldn’t think of better friends to grow up with.


(We did had fun! We just forgot to take any photos-this is the only one. It’s from the Claremont, after great brunch at Rick and Anne’s. We’re all displeased with how we look in the photo, but I’m just grateful that we got one!)

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  1. I could not have said it better! The whole plane ride home I thought about how lucky I am to “grow up” with these wonderful ladies! Love you!

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