Still in recovery-zone from the exam, but wanted to jot down a few fun moments from Sunday. After a total two month social shutdown, it’s been really nice reconnecting with friends.

On Sunday afternoon, Zac and Narges hosted a decadent British brunch to celebrate moving to their new home. They thought of everything-roasted tomatoes, baked beans, lemon curd, and buttery, flakey, delicious homemade scones. Generally reluctant to take pictures of food, I couldn’t hold back after admiring their table:


Beyond their top-notch culinary talent, Zac’s also quite the mixologist-he even made a drink menu!


The Bitter Elder was delicious.

Sunday night, Ananth was amazing and organized a dinner at LoLinda, an incredible Argentine restaurant in SF. We had drinks on the roof patio, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to be outside, in the sun, with a fancy drink and awesome friends, not thinking about studying. It felt like a real Sunday! So grateful to have those back.


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