Goodnight, 20s

Tomorrow is my first day as a thirtysomething! Actually, 30 feels pretty normal.  I have more thoughts on the whole turning-30-thing, but for now, just want to remember some highlights from my last weekend in my 20s.  This weekend was filled with some of my favorite things, like:

Chardonnay, fire pits and friends:

On Friday night, I took the train along the water for dinner with friends.  Julie and Terry were staying at their parents house for the weekend, and their family kindly had David and me over for dinner.  What a phenomenal dinner! It was delicious-grilled shrimp, asparagus, and Shamrock ravioli. Julie’s parents are wine experts and the chardonnay was incredible.  It was so nice to sit in front of the fire, sipping on yummy wine and laughing with friends.  A very happy start to the weekend!

Sunshine and the beach:

Knowing it would be a warm weekend, David and I planned spend Saturday at Half Moon Bay. We picked up sandwiches downtown, and spent the afternoon watching the spectacular waves.  After a rainy weekend in Maui, we ended up having our best beach day in 2015 an hour from our apartment.  The wildflowers were out, the sun was bright, the water was sparkly–it was laughably picturesque.  There was even a lemonade stand.  Driving away, we agreed we had to return soon-it was such a quick drive but such a gorgeous getaway.

Indian food! + Friends + Moscow Mules

After the beach, we met up with friends for Indian food in Mountain View. After lamenting the lack of good Indian restaurants in Rockridge to pretty much anyone who would listen, the Hualgars recommended a place in Mountain View. This place- exactly what we’ve been looking for! After striking out so many times in Oakland, it was exciting to finally find a restaurant with our favorite food. Sitting at the table, with a crisp Moscow Mule, a table full of simmering dishes, surrounded by some of my favorite friends, I felt pretty excited and grateful to turn 30.

Sleeping and reading:

This is so boring, but I spent this morning sleeping-in and reading and it was heaven.  It’s such a simple pleasure, but I want to write it down to remind myself how happy it makes me. One of the best feelings is getting into a book and not getting out of bed because you’re so wrapped up–and to have the luxury of a weekend to keep reading.  I’m incredibly grateful for the time to indulge in reading this morning.

Steak and Malbec:

To wrap up the birthday weekend, David made a special birthday dinner.  This is cheesy, and I’ll probably cringe reading it later, but it was just really nice and I want to remember it. He made a delicious rib-eye with a mushroom-rosemary-wine sauce, with french fries and my favorite kale caesar. It was funny, we didn’t make any major plans for the weekend long in advance, but it ended up being full of my favorite things. As an adult, especially since I just had a wedding, I feel kind of silly getting too excited about my birthday, but this was actually a very special weekend. Tomorrow is Monday-and 30-so time to go to sleep, thankful for the good people and memories of the last few days of 29.

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