Monday night at the Symphony

Do you like classical music?


I think I do-especially when stressed and driving.  Saturday, my wonderful colleague Georgia emailed saying she had an extra ticket to the London Philharmonic at Davies Symphony Hall and would I like to go? Absolutely!

It was so thoughtful of her and I was excited to see a new place in San Francisco.  After a great Italian dinner in Hayes Valley-when the waiter asked, “and will you be attending the Symphony tonight,” it was so fun to say, “Yes!” as if short rib gnocchi and international performances are my Monday routine-we walked over to the Davies Hall.  As we settled into our seats, I briefly thought-hmmm…I know nothing about classical music. What if this is actually terribly boring?

Far from it-the performance was unbelievable. The performers had an electric energy.  Michael Tilson Thomas, the conductor, seemed like a humble leader, and Yuju Wang, the pianist, had an incredibly commanding presence.  They were a joy to watch together.  Despite my limited classical music background, I recognized the beautiful Gershwin set, thanks to years of re-watching An American in Paris at my grandparents.  

Listening to three hours of classical music was simultaneously energizing and relaxing. It was a total treat and Monday night escape.  Looking forward to the week ahead! 

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