Winter reading list 

Writing from the plane back from DC, and I realized, hello, it’s spring! Want to take a moment to reflect on my winter reading list.  Pleasure reading took a two month hiatus during the bar, but when I picked back up at the beginning of March, I read some gems.  First up:

Glitter and Glue, Kelly Corrigan

After my first year of law school, I remember picking up The Middle Place at the library and becoming totally attached to Greenie, Kelly and the hilarious Irish, Baltimore/Philadelphia Corrigan family. In this book, Kelly writes about her relationship with her mother, the family glue.  Her reflections are set against the backdrop of a post-college summer when Corrigan nannied for an Australian family that recently lost their mother. I read it in Hawaii and cried a lot-on the plane, at the condo, on the beach.  Corrigan just strikes a chord, and her honest memories of her youth and her mother are hilarious and moving.
I love this quote; it captures growing up and beginning to understand everything your mother experiences on behalf of her family every day:
And it occurs to me that maybe the reason my mother was so exhausted all the time wasn’t because she was doing so much but because she was feeling so much.”
I read a WaPo review by a writer who just couldn’t understand what’s so special about writing about sweet family moments.  Didn’t Anna Quindlen and Anne Lammott already saturate that market-do we need more saccharine stories?, she wrote.  It made my blood boil.
Corrigan is honest, sharp, and I’m so grateful someone with her writing talent is able to capture the sweet and challenging nuances of family relationships.
In a few weeks, she’s reading at Notes and Wordshere in Downtown Oakland.  The tickets are pricey, but it’s a fundraiser for CHO, so I want to try to make it work. In other thoughts-writing book reviews is tough to do with library books! I’m racking my brain for a beautiful quote from Mrs. Corrigan (whose name I also can’t remember) on her thoughts on San Francisco. I love the library, but this is a moment where I do wish I had the real thing.  Anyway, thumbs up to Glitter and Glue.  More books tomorrow :)

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