Winter reading list, continued

One True Thing

I checked this out after reading an AQ quote on the Glitter and Glue cover, thinking it would be good to read some of her fiction.


This book.  It is captivating-I read it in a few days after work-but I don’t know.  I grew up with AQ’s columns in Newsweek and LOCPOC is on my top ten list of books that stayed, but I’d never read her fiction.  It’s tough when you do not like the narrator and I did NOT like the narrator.  The wrenching premise is a challenge, and I had a difficult time with it as is, let alone following it from the narrator’s perspective. 

Quindlen wrote the book in the early 90s, and the fact that death with dignity remains a controversial struggle made me think.

Weeks after finishing the book, I’m still moved by this passage:

“the lesson (my mother) left is that it is possible to love and care for a man and still have at your core a strength so great you never even needed to put it on display.”

Still mulling on that, like so much of AQ’s gems of wisdom.  Tomorrow: thoughts on Lean In…

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