Passover & Easter Weekend

Sending good thoughts for a peaceful Easter and Passover.

Managed a brief nod to Passover last night, standing in the kitchen, with a chopped liver and matza snack.  In that moment, I was immensely thankful to just be home.

This is was a difficult week. On Wednesday, David was admitted to the hospital after going to the ER with severe complications from bronchitis.  Four days and lots of tests later, we finally came home.  Turns out, it is incredibly serious pneumonia with complications.

The most important thing is he is going to be ok.  Words on this post cannot adequately express my gratitude for that.

The last week was scary and exhausting. The coming weeks will be intense as David has a lot of recouperating ahead.

I wrote several pages of thoughts in my notebook on my phone, but they’re gone.  Maybe that’s for the best? It was an eye opening experience and certainly made me think about priorities.

For now, just concentrating on how grateful I am that we’re home, David will get better, and we’re together.

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