LA weekend

Have you ever flown on a Saturday?

It’s a dream! I never do this since it doesn’t make sense for work or fun travel, but this week I had a work + fun combined trip and found myself on a Saturday flight. Everything is quiet, empty and easy. Awesome.

Our organization hosted a celebration for the relaunch of our name, so Wednesday afternoon the staff flew to LA for the reception and a staff retreat & board event. Some highlights from the trip…

The #19 at Langer’s Deli.  Our organization was founded over forty years ago in downtown LA, and for years I’ve heard about the giant #19 Pastrami sandwich. Holy smokes-this sandwich. The deli is like a step into LA history and the sandwich was amazing.

Staff retreat dinner at Industriel. With our offices in Oakland, LA, and DC, we’re rarely all together in one place. It was so nice to relax with everyone and catch up over yummy Malbec and farm fresh food. 

Early morning at the LA Flower Market. I’ve always wanted to check out the market, so I tagged along with the event team to pick out beatific hydrangeas and cabbage for the event. 

An inspiring award reception.  Our LA and Development team organized a beautiful award and rebrand reception. It was inspiring to see the videos of the tremendous work in the LA community and reflect on the high impact litigation.  Mom and Dad were awesome and drove up for the event-it was very special to introduce them to Justice in Aging.

Meeting sweet baby Jora! Last month, Jen gave birth to beautiful Jora Margeux and I’ve been counting down the days to meet her.  Oh my-that baby smell. I realized that she might be the youngest baby I’ve held as an adult-that sweet soft skin! It’s incredible to see your friend’s families grow and Jen was calm and glowing. A very special afternoon.

A sunny Saturday! I drove back to Irvine Friday night and spent Saturday relaxing with mom. We spent the day at the Island Hotel and it was heaven to lie in the sun by the pool with iced coffee and french fries.  Saturday evening, we went to a delicious dinner with more incredible Malbec and a phenomenal steak. It was a decadent and relaxing day and an incredible antidote to the roller coaster of the past few weeks.

Now, it’s Sunday morning and I’m back home with David :) The best part about Saturdsy travel? Getting home and realizing you have another weekend day!

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