Quiet weekend at home

Thank you, weekend, for being quiet and settled-no travelling, no big events, no hospital, no studying, no major distractions-just home and peaceful.

Thank you weekend, for the RAIN on Friday night.  A perfect pairing with David’s delicious scalloped potatoes and coq au vin.

Thank you, for an incredible Saturday night at Notes and Words.

I expected the amazing AQ and Kelly Corrigan to bring down the house with their phenomenal readings (which they did).  I did not expect to be a weepy, blubbering mess,  as all of the readings were profoundly emotional.  Kelly Corrigan kicked it off with a gorgeous essay about the nurses who care at Children’s Oakland, and she shared that Greenie had recently passed away.  Next up, David Handler read a passage from his latest, We Are Pirates, the story of a nursing home resident with dementia and a teenager volunteer on an adventure-well, at that point I was done.  I could not stop crying.  The musical numbers lightened things up, but then AQ read Goodybe Dr. Spock, which I remember reading 15 years ago, and the tears were back.  Even David Brooks tugged at my heart, with passages from his Moral Bucket List column.

It wasn’t all tears-it was an incredibly joyous evening, as well.  David Brooks was actually hilarious, with his spot-on commentary on the lifestyles of wealthy progressives.  In the finale, all the musicians and writers came on stage and sang and danced to You Cant Always Get What You Want, and it was a moment.

And then, fifteen minutes and two BART stops later, we were home! Quite the I

Thank you, for the spectacularly clear Sunday.  We discovered a new hiking gem, Mount Tamalpais, with stunning views of the Bay:

It was a good, work-up-an-appetite-hike.  I was grateful for our salami and cheese picnic afterwards.

Thank you, for the Hualgars and Dillons, who came over last night for spagetti and meatballs.  It was a cozy, easy way to wind down from the weekend.

And now-Monday morning! Here we go, new week!

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