Stockton and SF weekend

It’s Monday, but I’m still thinking about the weekend :)

Friday evening, I took the train along the water to Stockton.  Finished Not That Kind of Girlwhat a disappointment! Really thought I would love that book-definitely did not.

David’s mom, Silvia, joined us for dinner at an awesome Indian restaurant.  We’re still searching for good Indian restaurant in Oakland, but this satisfied my craving.

Saturday morning we got up early for a bike ride before it got too hot.  We rode to Buckley Cove and around the UOP neighborhoods.  The main reason for the trip was the Stock Market-a craft and art market hosted by Ten Space.  It was even bigger than the holiday market, and thrilling to see all the families and quality vendors enjoying the festivities downtown.

One of David’s colleagues won tickets to the Stockton Symphony, and couldn’t use the tickets, so-we got to go! After dinner at Cocoro, we walked over to the show:

Yesterday morning, I woke up early to meet up with Meg and Lauren for breakfast in SF:

I can’t believe they’re both finishing their residencies.  Weren’t we all just living in Balitmore, feasting on English Muffin chicken and macaroni and cheese during Snomageddon? Time flies. Meg was in town for a conference and it was such an energy boost to catch up my best friend and enjoy a yummy British breakfast at The Cavalier.  Also,  Lauren met up with us after working ALL night at the hospital-and she still looks so gorgeous and refreshed! Amazing.

After breakfast, I walked over to the Yerba Buena gardens to read.  A salsa band was setting up for an afternoon concert, and this adorable older couple wasted no time-they were ready to dance:

David met up with me, and we walked up to Nob Hill for lunch at Nob Hill Cafe.  Such incredible views on the way up, and such a sweet, cozy spot.

Finished up the weekend on this comfy spot, finishing The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing (also wouldn’t recommend-keep striking out!) while David made a delicous pizza.

Two very different cities, but an overall great weekend :)

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