Joining the collective moment of gratitude

For The Mindy Project.  And Dr. Castellano.

Hopefully it will live to see another day? Isn’t that why Hulu exists?

A few years ago, on a family trip to Georgia, Janou and I had the best afternoon hanging out at the pool, reading quotes from Why is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? and bursting into laughter.

Mindy Kaling just GETS it.  I was thinking about the show’s cancellation on BART this morning, and started screenshotting a few of my favorite quotes from Goodreads:

On Etiquette:

On The Merits of the Irish Goodbye:

PS-personally believe Irish Goodbyes are a MUST at weddings-saves the bride and groom from saying goodbye to a 100+ guests!

On the merits of eavesdropping:

The dangerous “one small break”:

Favorite wedding advice:

And the classic:

Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.

Hoping the show survives, but either way-counting down the days until September 29!

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