On Saturday afternoon, under blue skies, with a stunning backdrop of the mountains in Palm Springs, Katie and Kevin got married (Webber + Tsang = #webangwedding).  It was one of the happiest days of my grown up life, watching my best friend marry an incredible man.

A few memories from the spectacular weekend:

We split the drive up between Thursday night and Friday morning, and arrived in gorgeous Palm Springs in the afternoon.  Look at those Palm Trees! And that dry desert heat! I love this city.

One of my favorite memories growing up was Chante Democo.  When I graduated from high school, Katie and her mom took me to Palm Springs for the weekend and we stayed at the Marriott-famous for it’s awesome pool.  They introduced me to their family’s favorite restaurant-Las Casuelas, an institution of delicious Mexican food.  We all returned Friday night for the rehearsal dinner.  Chips, salsa, margaritas and some of my favorite people :)  

Saturday was wedding day!! Can we talk about this venue? Everything was at the O’Donnell House, a stunning historic home in thehill above   Palm Canyon drive.  We got ready at the house, and sitting out on the balcony, staring at this view, felt like a total escape.

The beautiful bride!  Katie is a writer and also a voracious reader.  Growing up, she was always reading something new and she continues to inspire me to read more as her love and adoration of books is infectious.

Bridesmaids posing :) #MintMachine

 Just before the ceremony-Katie, her mom and sister Jane in the Green Room.  This family is so special to me. 

The specatcular ceremony site just before the guests arrived.  Check out those vibrant colors!

Katie thoughtfully picked out seven readings for the bridesmaids.  I loved my reading from Betsy Tacy and got a bit emotional while reading the passage.  It was so sweet watching Katie anticpate each of the readings-she was so excited to hear some of her favorite words! 

And then, time for vows! Kevin was first and he amazed everyone by looking straight at Katie and reciting his vows-from memory.  It was so powerful and thoughtful.  As he was reciting his vows, I looked at the groomsmen and they were all crying.  It was so tender and sweet.

Katie and Kevin are an extraordinary couple.  I remember visiting Katie in Maui after she graduated from college.  Katie and Kevin had been dating for a few years, but I still had not met him (they were long distance).  I remember we were sitting at the beach, daydreaming about our future weddings.  We’d had these conversations for years, but they suddenly seemed less daydream-y and more real.  When Katie talked about Kevin she seemed more grounded and sure about her future than ever before.  I remember thinking-I can’t wait until their wedding.  He is exactly right for her.

And he is! Since then, it’s been amazing to get to know Kevin and observe (thanks to Instagram :)) their incredible adventures throughout the world. 

And then, they were married!

The reception was beautiful and a so much fun..

An absolutely gorgeous,  moving, incredible weekend!

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