Does it bring you joy?

As we exit the season of spring cleaning, I can’t stop thinking of Pamela Druckerman’s observation: everyone seems to be “waging a passionate, private battle against their own stuff.”  

Personally, I’ve become fascinated by the intersection of the tiny-living-minimalism movement and the gospel according to Marie Kondo.  To be fair, I haven’t actually read the Art of Tidying Up, but I’ve read a lot about it and find the premise amusing.  The thought of going through every item, holding it and asking: “does it spark joy?” is hilarious. Part of the reason I haven’t read it is it seems kind of obvious: if you want to tidy up, throw stuff away.  I’m curious how the premise fills a whole book. It kind of reminds me of that SNL “get out of debt” skit.

Still, the topic has clearly sparked a trend, and even without reading it, I find myself thinking about it.

At this time last year, preparing for our cross country move required a MAJOR battle with stuff.  Ever since that exhausting, humid, dusty, overwhelming experience, I’ve been keenly aware of the beauty of sticking to the essentials.

This, coupled with the insanity of Bay Area cost of living, fuels a fascination with minimalism and small living.  I still can’t tell if these people are totally nutty or if they’ve got it all figured out.  They all seems so relaxed and happy with less that it’s a pretty attractive lifestyle. Or maybe its just kind of cult?

For now, I’m happy with keeping things simple in our small-but not too tiny-one bedroom.  There’s always room for more improvement-as I realized a few weeks ago, doing some spring cleaning:

NO-a dress that matches my COMFORTER does not bring me joy.  What was I thinking buying this? One of the many things that had to go.

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