Memorial Day Stay

Hello, Memorial Day Weekend!

(from Saturday in Sausalito)

It’s funny-we’re not travelling anywhere, but I found myself so excited for the holiday weekend from the moment I woke up.

All day at work, I had that feeling of eager anticipation, the kind you get right before a flight.  In my mind, I’m visualizing the weekend as a staycation.  The concept always seems a bit absurd (isn’t it basically a euphuism for a weekend at home?) but I’m embracing it Iike a vacation.

The whole apartment is crisp and clean, so when I get home from work, it’ll be (almost) like being at a hotel.  And I won’t spend the whole weekend thinking about what needs to be cleaned.

At lunch, I walked to the OPL and picked up some great vacation reads.  I’m particularly excited to read Quiet.

We did Blue Apron this week, so we have some out-of-the-ordinary dinners to look forward to. And, I want to try a new restaurant-maybe something that feels like it’s far away.

Also looking forward to catching up with friends, hiking, and maybe exploring a new place.

Hooray for vacation :)

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