Weekend in Rockridge

Hello!  Writing this in the last few hours of a wonderful weekend.  I realized tonight that this is the first three day weekend we’ve spent  relaxing at home since we moved to California.  It was so nice to take it easy and really relax.

We stayed in on  Friday night and decided to spend the day in Napa on Saturday.  It was gray and cold when we left Rockridge.  An hour later, we were in sunny and gorgeous Napa:

Our first stop was Oxbow Market, where we planned to pick up sandwiches and snacks for a picnic:

We walked in and I was immediately overwhelmed.  The vendors all looked delicious, but it was packed. I realized we would like spend the next hourish jostling for counter space.  We noticed a quiet restaurant in the back, the Kitchen Door, and decided to try it.

I’m embarassed to admit I spent a half-a-second thinking, “shoot-I never read about this in my Napa research-we should probably Yelp it before committing.”  Ughhh.  So glad we didn’t listen to my ridiculous subconscious.  The restaurant was perfect.

From there, we drove up to William Hill:

This was my favorite winery during my October trip with Heather and Lauren, and once again, it was specatcular.  When we walked in, the associate said, “I hope it’s ok….this is chardonnay weekend, and we’re doing a series of chardonnay tastings.”  Yes, that is absolutely fine.

The best part about William Hill-other than the delicious chardonnay and incredibly generous pours-is the view.  Instead of doing the tasting at a bar inside, you sit at lovely Adirondack chairs and do the tasting while looking at Napa.

We ended up staying for hours, relishing the scenary and late afternoon views.

It was very relaxing.

On the way home, we stopped at Gotts for burgers and split a shake :)

Lexi was in town for the weekend, and yesterday morning, we met up for a hike at the Lafayette Reservoir:

The reservoir is maybe 15 minutes from our apartment, but it felt like a total escape.  It was such a treat to spend the morning catching up with Lexi and enjoying the beautiful scenary:

That afternoon, David and I went into SF and took the Muni out to Ocean Beach. We met up with Bress and walked to Golden Gate Park. It was FREEZING and very overcast.  All throughout the park, people were barbecuing and playing lawn games. It looked like a perfect summer scene, except it was 50 degrees, and people were wrapped in blankets and parkas.

From there, we went to the Dillons for a delicous dinner. Zac has been infusing different liquors, and we got to sample his fennel and citrus creations. So cool!

Mimi is in town from Brazil, so this morning, we had a mini-college reunion brunch.  Thanks to the magic of Market Hall, it was super easy.  I completely failed on taking a photo of the group, but I took a quick one of the table to remember:

And now, the three day weekend is almost over.  So grateful for the rest and catching up with friends. Here’s to a new week ahead!

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