Summer weekend

Sunday night, reflecting on this first summer weekend.  Today is a happy day-it’s Dad’s birthday!

Hooray! Happy birthday, Dad! Wish we could celebrate together, but I’m toasting to you today! Thanks for being the best :)

After weeks of gray skies, the sun decided to shine in Rockridge this weekend.  Eager to enjoy the nicer weather, David and I walked through the neighborhood on Friday night, and restaurant crawled to some great places.  We ended up with this menu:

antipasti: Artichoke and mozzerella salad at Southie

primo: Asparagus and parmsean salad at Elmood Cafe

secondi: So classy-a burrito at Gordos :)

dolci: Chocolate covered Pretzels from Powell’s Sweet Shoppe

The sun stayed strong, and yesterday we drove to Lake Merrit to check out the Farmer’s Market:

It’s embarassing that we’ve been here for nearly a year and we’re only just now getting to this market.  It’s awesome.  Next on the list-the Temescal Market.

The A’s lost to the Yankees Saturday night, and the game was FREEZING, but it was all ok because we got to hang out with these cuties:

Excited to see them next weekend at the Stevens Lodge.

(This is early in the game-before breaking out the mittens, jacket, and beanie.  It’s summer!)

This morning, after a long mental negotiation revolving around whether it would be better to stay in bed and pay the ClassPass penalty for missing yoga or JUST GO, I got up.  I was uncharacteristically early.  So early, that I missed the e-mail saying class was cancelled.  In a classic millenial moment, I was just “proud of myself for trying,” and thought about Amy Poehler and the gym snow day.

With an extra hour, we drove to Redwood Regional Park for a hike:

Once again, a 20 minute drive and we were in absolute vacation.  It felt great to walk through the fresh air and spectacular trees:

We spent the rest of the afternoon picnicking and reading in the sun.  That really felt like summer:

And now it’s Sunday night-hard to believe tomorrow is June!

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