Notary Club

Just one hour left in this Monday! Headed to bed, but wanted to remember highlights from the weekend:

Saturday, after a delicious Abuelita-made brunch in Stockton, we drove up to Rocklin for the Rotary Club BrewFest:

Eric is in the Rotarty Club, so we thought it would be HILARIOUS if we all showed up with Notary Club tattoos.  It was. And then it was just sticky and tough to remove before work this morning. 

We spent the afternoon parked at this bench, toasting with tiny glasses full of crisp drinks. Walking back to the table, I imagined this must be what it’s like to live on Germany-spending the afternoon in a pretty park, under a tree, in a beer garden, with friends.

Melissa & Molly-two of the Notary Club’s finest :) September marks TWELVE YEARS of friendship with Molly! We met during the first week of college freshman year-wild.

The Stevens were AMAZING hosts at their gorgeous home. They BBQ’d, made breakfast, and staying there just felt like a getaway. 

I love this photo.  This is Sunday morning.  After watching (and quoting) all of Jurassic Park Saturday night, this esteemed panel reconvened Sunday morning for more debate and discussion. It was HOURS of Jurassic Talk this weekend.  Who knew there was so much left to say?

After a delicious quiche and muffin breakfast, David and I hit the road back to the Bay.  I drove straight to SF, to Book Club, at Christina’s pretty home.

We read The Rosie Project. I really thought I would love it, but I didn’t.  I did appreciate it much more after our conversation.  If I had a do-over, I would listen to it on tape instead of reading it-it’s a very conversational book, and great for a book-on-tape (with an Australian narrator).

PS-check out Christina’s gorgeous lunch-all veggies!

It was a nice way to wind down the weekend.  And now it’s Monday and the week is back in full swing!

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