Equal dignity in the eyes of the law

What a day.

(outside SCOTUS before the Windsor decision, two years ago)

All I can think about today is the refrain filling eveyone’s newsfeed, accompanying all photos, so simple and true: Love Wins.

Today was truly historic and a tremendous moment for equality. I can’t gush about this wonder of this day without thinking about the reality and horror that accompanied June 26. The funeral in Charleston, the terrifying violence in Tunisia and France. The world is not free from evil, and we are far from peace.

Growing up, our rabbi had a saying: “think about how you see the world. Do you want to see it through loving eyes or fearful eyes?”

So, while I won’t ignore the very real and deeply concerning challenges in the world, I try to see through loving eyes.

And when love wins, it is BEAUTIFUL!

Two years ago, when the court issued the Windsor decision, I watched from the steps, joining hundreds of other excited advocates for progress. While waiting for the decision, the humidity on the hot June day rising, I started talking to the family next to me. They were from southern Texas, giddy with excitement, a mother, father and two young daughters.

I’m embarassed to admit this.  I said, “what incredible timing for your trip to DC! How cool to also get to see history!”

The father smiled, looked at his family, and said, “this is why we’re here.  This decision is the reason for the trip.”

The day before, they loaded up the car and drove up from Texas just so their daughters could experience the decision.  Listening to the father speak about how important it was to him that his daughters witness an important moment for civil rights was truly beautiful.

When the decision came down, we all jumped and cheered-it was a thrlling moment!

Love won then, and love won again today. It is so ordered.

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