Quiet 4th of July weekend

Here we go, Monday!


Saturday, while waiting for the 4th of July fireworks, I ran through a quick mental list of previous 4th of Julys:

2014: Wedding prep in Irvine!

2013: David and I biked to a morning Nats game, had brunch on the Red Porch and then biked to the Lincoln Memorial for incredible fireworks.

2012: Flew to Oahu for Shaiya and Sachin’s wedding!

2011: Block Island in RI with Meg and then flew back to Baltimore for a rooftop BBQ at David’s house

2010: Ehh-forgettable–CA Bar Round 1

2009: Watched the fireworks from Norman Mailer‘s porch in Provincetown, MA, with Molly and Catherine (Catherine was living there that summer)

2008: Escaped a torrential downpour in DC with Leila and Lexi, and had drinks at Clydes

2007: Fireworks in the Valley after a pool day at Rachel’s house

Anyway, this year was VERY low key.  After a pool afternoon in Stockton, we drove back to the Bay for the Dillon’s 3rd of July party.  Mark of a good party-no photos! Which is too bad-it was a pretty night, and their backyard is gorgeous.

We were moving slowwwwwlyyyyy on Saturday morning, and eventually got our act together for Half Moon Bay.  It was sunny and hot in Oakland, so we figured, probably good beach weather?


Ha! Total clouds and fog. It was still relaxing to nap on the sand and listen to the waves.  The HMB waves are unbelievable.  And, we saw dolphins!


We enjoyed an early dinner at San Benito’s Cafe-I loved the patio.

Later that night, we bundled up and headed to the Claremont parking lot to watch the fireworks.  We figured we’d have a good view of the Bay and the SF show.

Total bust.  Bay Area summer!  We saw nothing.  Just clouds. To the soundtrack of fireworks.

Yesterday, the clouds cleared up a bit during our hike at Tilden Park-I was giddy over this view:

Later in the evening, we had to run an errand in Palo Alto.  The Hua’s graciously invited us over for  incredible homemade carnitas.  I love Sunday night dinners with friends.

And now, Monday morning! The week begins!

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