Anniversary weekend!

One year ago, Janou and I were driving up to UCLA to wrap up wedding tasks and start the weekend! It was a Thursday afternoon, I remember driving the Prius up the 405. We were car dancing, and it was loaded up with the welcome wine bags.  I was full of excitement-and a ton of stress-when we arrived at the Guest House and the weekend began. It was pretty incredible being back at UCLA, knowing I was getting married.

We have wonderful photos from our photographer of the wedding, but I’ll admit-I frequently find myself scrolling through our #fayvidwedding photos and sneaking at the fun moments our friends captured.  So thankful for all their photos:

Here’s some happy moments from last year:

Getting excited to show everyone UCLA for the weekend!

Friday night in Westwood! Kind of wild to be back at the happiest place with our friends.

Heading to the W for some pool time before the wedding!

Getting ready at ADPi with my beautiful friends :)

Janou being as amazing, generous, calm and incredible as ever:

Best walk ever.

Marrying David!! The ceremony was the best moment of life. It was all I thought about in the months leading up to the wedding and it far surpassed any of my dreams. Felt like I was floating.

Reception time!

Finally getting into it and dancing! I had no idea the reception would be so overwhelming.  All I wanted to do was spend time and take photos with the friends and family-many of whom made a significant travel effort to be there-and I felt like every time I turned around I was brushing someone off.  I felt so guilty. Eventually, I just had to let it go and dance. Always a good idea.

From now on, whenever I see this spectacular place, it brings an even bigger smile than before.

Lots of thoughts swirling on this weekend-so excited to celebrate 1 year with this guy!

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