One year!

This whole one year anniversary thing is far more emotional than I expected.  David and I have been together for many years and I didn’t imagine the first year marker would leave me quiet so swoon-ey.

On a walk this morning 

But that’s exactly how I feel-reflective and bursting with emotion. A few months ago, David mentioned he wanted to take a special trip for our anniversary.  He wanted to keep it a surprise.  Ever since then, I’ve been anticipating this anniversary weekend more than any birthday or holiday.
It was a beautiful surprise in Mendocino.  I cannot wait to write more about it.
For now, I’m thinking a lot about marriage.  Marriage isn’t something David and I jumped into. For me, I had a lot I wanted to get done before marriage.  We both found the whole thing pretty intimidating. We were both completely committed to each other, but the whole institution, the idea of growing up and getting married-that seemed overwhelming.
After we got engaged, I was tremendously surprised by how candid friends and colleagues were about marriage.  And in the most beautiful, unsolicited, way! Many, many people quietly divulged, “You are going to love being married.” It was very unexpected.  After decades of reading books and watching movies about marriage’s challenges, it was incredibly refreshing to hear these veterans with decades of experience speak so glowingly.  I knew I loved David, and I would love spending my life with him, but I hadn’t thought about marriage being an experience to love.
We’re just a year in (today!) so I’m in no position reflect on anything other than what I know.  And that’s this: I love David and I love being married.  It is an incredible experience-the commitment and devotion, but also the hilarious day-to-day syncing of absurd moments in life that being laughter and immense happiness.
When we were driving back this afternoon, winding through the hills and trees along 128, I asked David, “do you ever just feel like what?! I’m married?” Nope, he said, smiling from the drivers seat, laughing. (I’ve asked him this before). “No, but do you ever feel like, wait…I’m a grown up and I’m married, and have a life?” I pressed. Oh ya, he said.  All the time.  Can’t believe it.
We’re still growing up and figuring this whole thing out, but one year out, it’s an awesome journey.  It’s only overwhelming in the sense that we now know what it’s like to be married, and the love, commitment, strength, and genuine well of intensity it entails-it’s overwhelmingly awesome.

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