Sandwiches at the Beach

Is there anything more sublimely summer-esque than sandwiches in the afternoon at the beach? Growing up, going to the beach, there was nothing as invigorating as spending the day in the water and fueling up with sandwiches in the sand.

This weekend, our friends rented a beach house in Santa Cruz and it was a vacation.

Friday evening, we walked from the house to Aloha Grill.  Even though we were a few hours from home, sitting on the patio in the sun reminded me of being with this group in Hawaii in 2012.

We explored the Boardwalk and ended the evening at Mariannes for ice cream. It felt like an almost laughably wholesome summer evening.

The next morning, Jon’s sandwich assembly game was going strong. After breakfast, we walked down to the water.

It was a gorgeous afternoon.  The water was cold, but warm enough to swim and bob around in the waves.

We were there for hours. And had sandwiches! It was sublime.  The house was just right for our group-plenty of space to socialize and relax.

Eric decided the dinner theme-picture Godfather Part 2. Narges made a pineapple-upside-down-cake, Zac slow cooked an incredible Cuban pork, and I made mojitos.

There was a delicious food, crisp drinks, and a LOT of laughing so hard I cried.

The house even had a firepit.  Also-David’s face! So creepy.

Before driving back, we walked around downtown Capitola (charming) and took in the ocean for a bit longer.

Back in Oakland, attempting to make ice cream-it’s hot here! Grateful for this weekend and these friends and looking forward to the week ahead :)

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