The Minimalists

Last month, I participated in what felt like a quintessential SF activity.  After work, I went to a book reading in the Haight.  The minimalists were in town and I was intrigued.

The reading was part of a larger reading tour with Asymmetrical Press.

One of the opening musical numbers involved passing a string of Christmas bells around the audience for all of us to play.  On-the-spot participation makes this introvert quite uncomfortable.  I started to really question whether I could make it through the event without giggling when one speaker asked the standing room only crowd to please, “sit down and do a Lotus” so everyone could see.  Next, he led all of us in a group breathing exercise.

When I eventually let myself relax, I started to get into the whole thing.  The writers were excellent and clearly committed to living full lives.  One of them moves somewhere new every four months. He spoke about words in other languages that lack a direct English translation.  It reminded me of my new favorite word, hygge.  Two other new words from that night-the spelling is likely totally off:

Dorr: specific type of longing, longing for someone who is inaccessible.

Liefschecce: practical philosophy by which you live your life.

Minimalist continues to intrigue me and I enjoy the idea of living a life with fewer things. The concept of freedom from consumer culture is incredibly appealing.  However, as with everything, minimalist philosophy will likely remain an influencer in my life, but not a complete practice.  I love reading the Minimalist’s blog and thinking about their perspective, but I fall somewhere between a minimalism and consumerism.  That feels just fine for right now :)

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