We’re on quite a hot streak here in Oakland, and its too warm to do anything except sit outside, drink iced tea and wait for the sun to go down.

Recognize that 80+ degrees is hardly remarkable in most of the world, but it is so rarely blazing hot here AND our second floor apartment lacks air conditioning, so it feels like a full on heat wave to me.

Between real summer weather and our Wifi on the fritz, we’ve spent most of the weekend outside, searching for cooler corners.  Yesterday, we ventured out for an early morning hike at Angel Island.

Boarding the ferry at Jack London
The island is beautiful, but it is so dry!  Between the scorching heat, haze of smoke from the distant fires, and the dry vegetation all over the island, the dangerous drought was ever present this weekend.

I loved following these sweet viejitos, donning their CA STATE PARKS VOLUNTEERS khaki vests with pride:

Hats + vests + walking sticks–heart melts.
This morning, I had another gym snow day when I arrived at a spin class a week too early.  With the extra time, David and I drove to Half Moon Bay. 

Photo from a March trip-too hazy for a photo today
Though super hazy, it was wonderful to feel the fresh air and listen to the waves.  I’m reading Joan Didion’s Political Fictions, and thoroughly enjoying it.
After a few hours by the water, David dropped me off at book club at Elysha’s pool. Heather made a gorgeous lunch with delicious salads, and we caught up and discussed Tiny Beautiful Things. 
And now, it is the end of the week, the temperature is starting to drop, and another week begins!

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