Blank pages

Recently, I noticed an odd design trend.  It seems like a common tip for a calmer, more serene living space is:

to display books backwards?

from Apartment Therapy, City Farmhouse, and Style Caster

When I first saw the backward book thing this spring, I was really getting interested in minimalism.  My gut reaction was, wow, that’s beautiful, so peaceful. A few moments later, I got my senses back. Is this a thing?

Maybe I’m missing something-but isn’t it essentially stacks of paper on display? How would you figure out what to read? As a snoopy guest, it’d be a huge bummer to go to someone’s house and just see stacks of paper.  I love looking at friend’s books and chatting about what they’re reading.

Haven’t seen this beyond the confines of blogs and Instagram, so maybe it’s not an in-real-life thing. Either way, I’m intrigued!

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