Quick trip to DC 

Last weekend, I flew to DC for a quick trip to catch up with friend and colleagues. As always, it was a perfect shot of energy and a reminder of why I love the city so much.  

Janou recently moved a pretty row home in a beautiful neighborhood and it felt so nice to have a few days to relax and laugh with my sister.  We caught up on Mindy Kaling, Amy Schumer and Aziz videos and I met the Gaines for the first time.  Almost tempted to get cable just for that show…  

Miss my sister SO much!

Meg’s baby shower was the main event and we spent Saturday prepping in Bethesda. When Meg shared some crafting ideas for the shower, I got pretty nervous-I dread crafts.  But it was actually super fun! Meg thought of everything and made it totally approachable and simple.   

When in Bethesda, Pines of Rome is a must and we had a cozy, cheesy, pasta-and-pizza-y decadent dinner with Meg’s friends.

The shower on Sunday was super fun-and productive! How adorable are these little decorated onsies?   

 Little baby bump!

It was a treat to celebrate Meg and her baby-girl-to-be.  She’s expecting a Thanksgiving baby and it’s thrilling to see her becoming a mom :)

Though I was only there for a few days, I got to see some of my favorite people. Catherine and I did a loop around DuPont and Georgetown and I got to see a glowing and very pregnant Katie. And I got to have lunch with Janou at work-so, so cool!! After work on Monday, Shannon and I met up for drinks at a new restaurant downtown.  The WEIRDEST place! A total kick-completely over the top decorations and NO ONE there.   


Lots of sangria and a LOT of laughter :)

And now, after a quick and energizing trip- back in CA. Heading to Irvine tonight for the long holiday weekend.  Last few days of summer!

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