Back to school

It was impossible to ignore the mixed sense of dread and anticipation with summer’s end and fall’s return this weekend. Yesterday morning, in our hotel’s elevator, two kids stood in the corner looking hopelessly glum.

“Summer’s over, back to school tomorrow,” their mom said, trying to cheer them up.

As David and I inched our way up north on Highway 1 yesterday, looking out at the late-afternoon ocean, summer’s departure felt particularly real.

After what felt like an especially drawn out August, I was feeling kind of ready for the end of summer.  As I’m no longer a student, the closing of Labor Day is technically totally insignificant, and this is just another week.

Still, trying to conjure up that fresh-start, back to school feeling.  After a few days off and an end-of-summer mini-vacation, hoping to start the week refreshed and energized for a busy fall.

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