Thinking of Tim

This weekend, the world lost a creative visionary, a practical optimist, and his tremendous spirit and energy.  Tim Egkan, partner at Ten Space, and David’s friend and colleague, passed away at 32.

Tim and David on Weber Avenue in Stockton, photo

I’ve been blown away reading the tribute’s to Tim.  It always surprised me, before this experience, to read such candid reflections social media.  Now I see how comforting it is to read others’ thoughts and share in grief.

Though I did not know Tim well, I feel like I’m one of many, many people who he impacted in his far too short life.  Throughout the years, my relationship with Stockton is one of…evolution.  I can’t pretend I fell for Stockton at my first visit, and I’ve often struggled to understand David’s passion for the city.

So, I’ll never forget when Tim so perfectly articulated the disconnect I was struggling to understand.

Last December, I began to see the city’s energy and potential.  The Newberry Holiday Market was absolutely vibrant.  It was my first time seeing a gathering of people of passion and creativity downtown.

I remember looking around, and I saw Tim, and asked him something along the lines of, “where has this been? Where were these people? I’ve been coming to Stockton for years, I’ve never seen this energy.”

Tim was so excited about the event, clearly so proud of Katie, and he said:

“It’s all here. The people are all here, they just need creative spaces.  The people in this city have been served garbage for so many decades, they don’t always realize how much better it can be.  They’re ready for vibrant spaces and a better city.”

I’ve thought about his words a lot.  Tim knew the people of Stockton deserved a strong, vibrant, and thriving city, and he was committed to making it happen.

Thanks Tim, teaching me and enlightening so many of us.  You’re already so missed.

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