real fall

Sitting here, in Janou’s sweet DC row-house, thinking about the weekend.  For the last few days, I’ve been on the east coast, experiencing almost-real fall weather.  With some time to kill on Thursday, between my flight to Boston and my train to Providence, I walked around downtown and admired a sneak peak of the fall’s changing leaves.  The Public Garden is breathtaking, and it was refreshing to feel a hint of crisp fall air.

When David and I decided to move back to CA, I worried about not only missing DC, but also, missing the east coast in general.  It seemed like with every trip we took, I wondered will this be my last time at —? After a day in Block Island for Meg’s wedding, I remember wondering, will I ever have lobster roll again? Or during out last trip to NY, would I ever see Grand Central again?

It was nice to be back and realize all those wonderful East Coast icons are not going anywhere, and I can always return.

 I landed in Boston to the most exciting text message ever from Katie Burch (!!!).  I giddily walked through Boston, marveling at the beautiful courtyard in the Boston Public Library and admiring the tranquil greenery in the Public Garden. 


Thursday night, in Providence, I enjoyed a incredibly rich, buttery lobster roll during my solo dinner.  After my presentation Friday, I took the train to New Haven to see Casey.  It was a total trip being back at the New Haven train station, in 2015, meeting up with one of my college best friends. I have many memories of this train station, as a newly minted college graduate, walking through these tunnels, excited to see David for a weekend away from Baltimore and law school.

Casey, always inspirational, and always hilarious, was a great friend this weekend. He is in his third year of medical school and I am floored by his accomplishments, his grit and determination to be a doctor.  We split pizzas and salad in New Haven, and talked and talked for hours Friday night. It felt immensely therapeutic.
Also soothing-this incredible view! Todd and Casey have a charming house in Connecticut and I could not get over the greenery outside their living room.

Their beautiful home :)
  After visiting Casey’s med school (so impressed!) and touring New Haven, it was time for my train to NY.

After craning my neck, admiring the gorgeous ceiling at Grand Central, I walked and walked through the city, taking in the beautiful day and views before boarding my bus to DC.  I’m here until Thursday and feeling very fortunate for time catching up with Janou.

Sunday night is Tim’s memorial in San Diego. With this trip and work planned out weeks ago, I have to miss it. I’m sad  to miss his celebration of life and thinking about him and his family constantly.  I’m currently reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ remarkable Between the World and Me.  He writes of the loss of a college classmate, and I’ve been thinking a lot about these words:

“I think every day and about whom I expect to think every day for the rest of my life.  I think sometimes that he was an invention, and in some ways he is, because when the young are killed they are haloed by all that was possible, all that was plundered.  He was kind.  Generosity radiated off of him, and he seemed to have a facility with everyone and everything. This can never be true, but there are people who pull the illusion off without effort and (he) was one of them.  I can only say what I saw, what I felt.  There are people whom we do not fully know, and yet, they live in a place within us, and when they are plundered, when they lose their bodies and the dark energy disperses, the place becomes a wound.”

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