good things

Saturday at brunch, after updating friends on the last few weeks, I said something along the lines of, “I just.cant.wait. for 2015 to be over.  I’m so ready for a new year.”  Molly, kindly trying to cheer me up, said, “aww, it’s not all bad.”

It’s embarasing to admit that my immediate response was, “Yes it is!” followed by a list of all the year’s frustrating events.  All afternoon, I regretted my negative impulse. I wish I had paused and thought of good things.  So, while I can’t undo my cranky brunch attitude, I can make an effort, for the next few months, to notice and take stock in the good stuff.  Because even as I try to wrap my mind around everything, it wont help to overlook gratitude.

from yesterday’s hike

In that vein, here’s a few recent moments I’m thankful for:

  • The magic of rice! Tuesday morning, I dropped my phone in water. Losing access to my phone while traveling, thinking I had to pay $300 for a new one, and trekking to the Georgetown Apple store in a torrential downpour was not fun.  After burying my phone in rice, crossing my fingers and waiting three days, it worked! Absolutely awesome.
  • The wisdom of a DC cab driver. After the horrible Apple store experience, nearly in tears, I jumped in a cab back to my hotel (no working phone = no Uber).  Pretty sure the cab driver was an angel sent to talk some sense into me. “How are you doing tonight?” he asked.  “Terrible!” I wailed, explaining the phone. “So you might have to get a new phone.  Big deal. What will it matter in 10 years? In 10 years, it’ll matter if you broke, or someone else broke, but this? A a broken phone? You have to let it go.” THANK YOU, amazing, wise cab driver for giving me the sense talk I needed.
  • Brunch + conversation. What is it about heaping piles of french fries and donuts in a cozy diner that sets the stage for hours of conversation? Very thankful for my friends and all their kindness and listening on Saturday.
  • Cooking a real dinner: It’s been…..a while since I cooked. Saturday night, I was ready to spend some time in the kitchen.  It felt incredibly therapeutic to spend an hourish making something and zoning out.  Also, this dinner was delicious.
  • The Intern sister date night! Last Sunday, in DC, Janou and I walked to Georgetown for the Intern.  We had dinner at Farmers, Fishers and Bakers (so good!) and snuck in cupcakes from Baked and Wired.  I was sobbing before the end of the opening credits, but I loved the movie (and this kitchen).  I loved having time Sunday night to catch up with my sister and hear more about her exciting life.
  • Meeting baby Parker!! Katie and Dave have a beautiful baby boy!! Last Thursday, I woke up in Boston after a red eye to the best text ever: Katie was in labor.  Just a few hours later, Parker Joseph entered the world! I wasn’t sure if they would be ready for visitors, so I was thrilled when I got the thumbs up to meet the little 5 day old charmer. Parker is so warm and soft, and their house was cozy and full of love, it was very special.  Katie and Dave are pros and they seemed incredibly relaxed and natural as parents.  Thank you, Parker, for being a few days early so I could meet you while in DC.  You are wonderful and charming, and make everyone around you so happy.
  • Coming home to David: During the flight back Thursday (thank you, Southwest, for free TV = hours of Fixer Upper), all I could think about was how excited I was to come home and be with David.  Even with everything going on, seconds after coming home, we were on our way to Zachary’s, laughing and grateful to be back home together.  This weekend was quiet and restful.  Yesterday, we went for a long hike.  I was filled with gratitude for the beautiful weather, gorgeous redwoods, and our hours of uninterrupted conversation.

While writing this, realized there’s so much more I’m grateful for, but time to get to work.  Hoping for a week of gratitude and clarity.

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