Portland weekend

Hello, Friday! Before jumping into the fun wedding weekend ahead, wanted to remember some happy moments from last weekend in Portland.


What a perfect place for a quick weekend away. A super-short flight and suddenly we’re in a completely new place.

The public transit in Portland is top-notch and it was a short light rail ride to the airport. I must have booked and re-booked our hotel a zillion times as the prices dropped and finally settled on the Heathman Hotel.  

Central location, fireplace and library on-site. Just right.

We started with lunch at Lardo before exploring downtown. With only two days, we went all-in on tourist spots and restaurants. Someday we’ll return with more time for off-the-beaten path finds, but this trip was pure Portland highlights.

 We got a littttttle carried away at Powell’s (any minimalist mentality went out the window). It completely lived up to the hype. I got a little emotional in the Didion section.

On the flight there, we sat next to a very cool, classy former Bay-Area-turned-Portlander.  You know when you meet professional women/mothers who are confident, poised and nice and you want to ask, “what’s your secret? My friends and I want to be like you when we grown up?” Anyways, she was like that. Rather than ask an insane life advice question, I asked her if there’s anything we could do to avoid looking like total tourists. She told us not to use an umbrella. All Portlanders just walk in the rain.

So, that’s what we did!


It was funny, usually I get all anxious and worked up when it’s rains. I wonder if part of it is feeding off a collective rain misery. (NOTE to California: Any rain you produce this year-particularly to increase the snow pack-will be welcomed with open arms). Anyway, maybe it was because we were on vacation, or maybe because everyone else carried on calmly and sans umbrellas, but it was actually kind of fun getting caught in the rain.

We eventually made our way across the bridge to Southeast  for dinner. Jon and Melissa recommended Olympia Provisions and it was awesome. Even had to break the no-photos-of-food rule.  


Sunday was warm and bright outside and inside Blue Star Donuts.   

 Almond chocolate ganache!

We spent the day walking and admiring the well-planned city.

Beautiful, no cars allowed, bridge. Just for walking, biking and the trolley.


Real fall

  Gorgeous Portland library 

  Walking on the river  
Very grateful for some time away, to just walk and talk and enjoy incredible good with David. Reallllly want to explore more of the Pacific Northwest. Thank goodness for Southwest! On the flight home, we jotted down our food superlatives:

Most memorable flavor:

David: Chorizo at Olympia Provisions

Fay: Honey Lavender ice cream, Salt and Straw

Most surprising/unexpected flavor: 

David: Lime Habanero beer at Lardo

Fay: Duck toast at Ava Genes

Favorite all around dish:

David: Short ribs at Olympia Provisions

Fay: Pork Belly sandwich at Lardo

Best all around experience:

David: Olympia Provisions

Fay: Ava Genes

Best non-meat dish:
David: Raspberry old fashioned donut, Blue Star

Fay: Almond, chocolate ganache at Blue Star

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