Jeremy and Jackie got married!!!

Last, last weekend David and I drove down to Camarillo for the wedding. We got into town pretty late and woke up the next morning to a gorgeous Southern California day.

That morning, we drove to the beach and spent a few hours watching the waves. In an effort to disconnect, I left my phone in the car.  The combination of ocean air and screen-free time was (no surprise) incredibly refreshing.

Soon it was wedding time. Neat coincidence-Jason and Bita also got married, on the same day, just 10 miles away. So, David celebrated the Johnstons and I celebrated the Jalms.

The whole evening was gorgeous. The ceremony was nestled between vibrant greenery on a working ranch. The tears officially started during Jeremy’s grandfather’s ceremony speech. He was dignified and proud and it was beautiful.

Then, vows, rings, MARRIED!


 How beautiful is that cocktail hour sunset?

Jackie was an absolutely stunning, graceful bride. I loved the classic silhouette of her dress with the gold detail.   


It was a REALLY FUN wedding :)

During the matron of honor’s toast (she nailed it) she talked about how Jeremy and Jackie always bring people together for FUN. It’s so true. Some of my favorite memories are renting a house in Boulder with the Jalms for the UCLA-Boulder game in 2012 and tailgating and exploring Dallas for the UCLA-Texas game in 2014. They always bring people together and it is always a blast. Next year in Provo? 


David snuck over to the ranch for the last few songs :) 


Putta and I probably MANY versions of this same photo at BrewCo nearly 10 (!!) years ago.


Is there anything better than flashing back to college, dancing with your friends, and ending the night hanging out with Dominos?

Cheers to two awesome friends and their future adventures together!!

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  1. Jackie

    Love you so much, Fay! This is so sweet and totally made me tear up. Thank you for celebrating with us and so glad you guys had fun!

    Cheers to many more adventures together!

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