Hello, weekend

On the train to Stockton and looking forward to the weekend. Feeling a bit bit bah humbug about Halloween-hoping to get into the spirit. Tomorrow we’re heading to the Stevens for a suburban Halloween and I’m excited for pumpkin carving and fun with them + the Hualgars.

Wanted to remember last weekend before too much more time goes by.  Saturday morning, I left bright and early for a weekend in Napa. It is insane how close Napa is when there’s no traffic-just 45 minutes!

This was the second year of our Napa fall girls trip and we started the day at yoga. Thank goooodness because the rest of the day was a total wine and cheese bacchanalia. Alright, hardly bacchanalia, we’re all 30 and were in bed by 10. But it was a lot of wine and Brie.

After securing proper picnic provisions (rotisserie chicken and salads) at Oxbow Market, we made our way down the Silverado Trail to chardonnay heaven.

This was my third trip to William Hill and it was as lovely as ever. Everyone was so kind and once again they offered to do the tasting outside. 


It was SO nice to enjoy a leisurely picnic lunch with the tasting. The views at William Hill are stunning.
We decided to try one more winery, Clos du Val, also beautiful.   

More wine, more laughter.


After CDV, it was time to take a break and get ready for dinner. This is random, but with all of us in one room, I was really impressed by how fast everyone got ready! We’ve come quite a long way in efficiency since the days of getting ready in South Wing. We even had time for happy hour in the hotel lobby!

Genius Lauren made reservations at Ad Hoc months earlier and it was delicious. It’s a pre-set, family style menu, which automatically eliminates the worst part of restaurants: deciding what to order and then regretting it when you see someone else’s meal. It’s a relaxed environment and the food was great.


The next morning I drove home and had a very relaxed day with David. We did a simple hike in Tilden Park and he made incredible pork ragu and pasta for a cozy end-of-weekend dinner.

And now, another weekend begins!

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