Hello, December

Sitting here, cozy at home, excited for the holidays.  So want to write about the trip, but also feeling pretttttty jet lagged. Here’s a quick memory from each day-in case it takes a while to sit down and document the trip:

Day 1:  

A very quiet and dignified group of Swedish gentleman enjoying their dinner at Tehran Grill (delicious food!).

Day 2:  

Walking through the grounds at the Villa Borghese before sunset.

Day 3:

Cut, peeled, and shaped artichokes soaking in water and lemon juice. These beauties would soon become hearty Carciofi alla Romana, the antipasti from our cooking class in Trastevere.

Day 4:  

Walking down one of many, many curvy, narrow, charming streets in Trastevere after a buffalo pizza at Dar Poeta.

Day 5:

Stumbled upon a beautiful botanical garden in Florence before a pretty incredible lunch at Antica Trattoria da Tito.

Day 6:  

Pausing to listen to Rick Steves’ audio guide describe the Coliseum’s gruesome history.

Day 7:


Ha! Yesterday was a quiet travel day.  Took a photo of Norwegian Air’s routes-already dreaming about a return trip!

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