Vacation-Days 1-3

This spring, during one of many “plan an imaginary trip that you don’t actually take” trips down the Internet rabbit hole, I checked out Thanksgiving flights on Norwegian Airlines.

The prices were incredible. Without hesitation, David and I booked roundtrip flights to Stockholm during the holiday week.

For the next few months, I happily dug into guidebooks and magazines, sought advice from friends, and tried to figure out where to spend a week in Europe. (An absolutely delightful question).

At the end of the day, what I really wanted was pasta.  Ironically, with our timing, it was easier to fly to Rome than the other potential destinations. And so, we were off to Italy!

Monday night, after work, David and I met up at the Oakland airport. Not only is Norwegian cheap, it’s nice! The only hitch is they offer nothing. We packed super light and brought water and food. After a bit of sleep and movies, we landed in Stockholm.  Realize that sounds overly simple, but something with the air pressure in the Norwegian Dreamliner makes the flight feel faster and less jet-laggy.

We took the Arlanda Express to city center. Good grief, Sweden! The train was fast, efficient and spotless.  Alex met us at our hotel to explore Gamla Stan. It’s a trip to hanging out with a good friend halfway around the world-but it felt so natural!

We walked by the spot on the water where Alex proposed to Rebecca :) Already counting down to their September wedding!


 And through a Christmas market-how storybook is this stand selling Glog? And that winter night cap?

  Everything is Stockholm is cozy. Candles everywhere, dinner was a hyggelig good time.  

Considering the time difference, we got a decent amount of sleep the first night, and then we were off to the airport to head to ROME!
First, had to admire this dessert smorgasbord at the airport cafe: 

We arrived in Rome to a sunny, crisp afternoon. Off-season travel=great hotel prices and we got a great room at the Hotel Brittania. A great central location and a darling lobby bar where we enjoyed an AMAZING breakfast each morning.

First stop in Rome: cacio e pepe. Most places were closed by the late afternoon, but this place was fine.   

From there, we walked to the Spanish Steps (closed for construction!) and then through the grounds at the Villa Borghese.

I recently started following Elizabeth Minchilli’s gorgeous Instagram photos of Rome. After a late, cheesy lunch, I thought a wine bar might be nice for a lighter dinner. Her handy app recommended La Barrique, down the street from our hotel.

It was excellent! They had a phenomenal pumpkin-kale soup, but the best part was the wine. 

(An Italian Rahmn Emanuel sitting behind David)

No exaggeration, I had two of the best glasses of wine there. Wrote them down in case I can ever find them in the US:

Dettori, Renosu rosso, Sardenga

Castello Verduno, Barbers d’Alba 2015.

It was a nice introduction to the city. The next day was Thanksgiving-and we spent the whole day cooking! More tomorrow…


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