Roman Holiday: Thanksgiving :)

As I said, when planning this trip, the main focus was pasta. We thankfully had only one day of lousy weather and it was Thursday (Thanksgiving), the day we spent inside during our Roman cooking class. We walked to Chef Andrea’s kitchen studio in Trastevere, where he greeted all the students with coffee, jam and toast.

Chef Andrea shops at a local market before the class and spends most of the morning explaining the history of Roman cuisine. While teaching, he’s delegating and demonstrating simple tasks to build the four course meal:


The way he orchestrates twelve students and a bounty of ingredients into a meal is incredibly impressive.

 The food was just gorgeous, and spending hours prepping it and learning about the culture made me savor it even more. 

My favorite part was learning to make pasta. It was super easy and so fun!


  After three + hours of learning and cooking, we sat down for a long Thanksgiving lunch. It was nice to meet other holiday travelers-friends on vacation, nice retirees, a mom and her son finishing his study abroad-and enjoy a delicious meal and wine. 

This was my first time taking a cooking class while traveling-definitely want to do it again.

Also-thanks to this class-discovered my favorite pasta sauce: AMATRICIANA. This was the first of several amatriciana dishes enjoyed during the rest of the trip :)

On the walk back to the hotel we walked by the forum at dusk:  Where are you supposed to look when you take a selfie?? Crazy eyes all over Rome! 

These four Italian nonnas walking ARM IN ARM by the Coliseum melted my heart:


Walking down the glimmering Via Veneto before dinner, we stopped at the Hotel Majestic for drinks at their bar.


The mule and old fashioned were not only delicious, but watching their preparation was mesmerizing! You know that scene in Love Actually where Mr. Bean is wrapping the gift for Severus Snape with the most impeccable attention to detail? And each time you think the task is complete, he layers, cuts, and stirs in another festive garnish? It was like that.

Can’t remember the name of the place we went to for dinner…but it was cozy, close to the hotel, and a nice way to end a happy Thanksgiving in Rome :)



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