Last night of Hannukah

More scrapbooking on our trip soon, but wanted to remember the last few weekends.

Last year, we rented a house in Tahoe for our first Tahoe friendsgiving.  This year, for our Chrismukkah, we left for the snow late last Friday after work. Jon and Melissa were rockstar drivers and we got to the house a bit after midnight Friday night.

This house didn’t have last year’s incredible backyard, but it was across the street from the lake.  

The next morning, Melissa and I went for a walk by the lake. It was beautiful!

imageWhen we got back to the warm house, everyone was sitting down to delicious  banana and chocolate chip pancakes.

The rest of the afternoon was relaxed and easy. We walked to the lake, had lunch, and got ready for dinner.

Everyone agreed that we went wayyyyy overboard with last year’s dinner, and this year was much more simple. 

Although, there was some flambaying involved, so there was a touch of fancy :) 

After last year’s trip, I got nervous it might be a one time thing, particularly as life got more demanding. It was encouraging to see the tradition continue this year, and everyone seems committed to trying to continue, in some way, in the future. Thanks goodness! These weekends and these people are a wonderful source of support and laughter.

This weekend was verrrrrry low-key. There’s been rain this week, which made for incredibly clear views on yesterday’s Mt. Diablo hike.  This afternoon we celebrated Baby Dillon! Zac and Narges’ family hosted a beautiful shower and it was fun to catch up and celebrate. And accidentally match :) Also, how gorgeous is Narges’ dress?

Hoping for more Christmas cards…the tree is looking pretty naked. Enjoying a quiet evening on the last night of Hannukah. Only 17 days until the New Year!


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