Christmas break! Christmas break!

Hello, holidays :) 


Via T&L

On the train to Stockton to start winter break. Have that last day of school-no-parents-no-rules sense of excitement. On vacation until January 4 and so excited for 10 days of reading, family time, and relaxing at home.

It’s been a quiet but sweet start Christmas.  Last weekend, was supposed to drive to Redding to see baby Parker and Katie, and we had plans for a holiday party in SF, but a lame cold out the kibbosh on that fun. Two seasons of Parenthood, sleep, and steamy Ramen Shop eventually kicked the bug.

Heather and Stephanie hosted their annual cookie exchange (sorry for the store bought TJ’s-someday I’ll bake…). Steph has one of those nice cream colored Pottery Barn sectionals where everyone can sit comfortably and you sink into hours of conversation.  That AND a Christmas tree, cookies and a Netflix fire = a very cozy afternoon.

Last night, a lot of us got together again for a holiday dinner at LuLus in SOMA. Lauren and Lexi are in town and it was so festive to catch up over wine and calamari.

And now-winter break! 

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