Winter break-second half

Just finished Megan Daum’s excellent book, The Unspeakable, where she writes about the beauty of the comfort zone: “The path of least resistance has a lot going for it. The comfort zone isn’t where you lose yourself. It’s where you find yourself.” 

This winter break was 100% comfort zone. After ten days of laughing with family and friends, semi-unplugging, and soaking up winter sunshine, feeling nice and restored. The sheer length of time away from responsibility, and feeling cocooned in conversation and love, made this a special holiday retreat.

During the second half of break, Mom, Janou and I spent a peaceful afternoon walking by the water:



It was gorgeous! Later, we watched the best show in town-the sunset from the bar at the  Surf and Sand.


It was so nice to just be home, totally relaxed, with everyone together.


On my last day at home, we checked out Fashion Island’s magestic tree and some after Christmas sales. LOVE that giddy vacation feeling of “we’re at Fashion Island on a WEDNESDAY afternoon!”


Back up north for New Year’s Eve, Lauren and I caught over crisp salads at Blue Barn. Later that evening, the Dillon’s hosted a cozy NYE countdown. Zac curated and served a delicious menu of champagne cocktails. We rang in 2016 with Pitbull, Ma$e and French 75 :)


The New Year welcomed us with blue skies and crisp air, and we met up with friends in Noe Valley for brunch at Fresca. Eager to soak up more conversation and sunlight, we walked over to Dolores Park.


#bressofficientever :)


Good people!

Yesterday, we caught up with Julie and Terry over bagels and coffee.  There was something so comforting about sitting in their kitchen and laughing over coffee; I wished they lived closer for more spontaneous weekend breakfasts.

The rest of the weekend, we hunkered down in the aparment. David made a mushroom lasagna and Jon, Melissa and Andi came over for dinner. For Christmas, Mom figured out where to find my favorite wine from Italy, and we enjoyed it with last night’s cheesy lasagna and Melissa’s awesome madelines.

And now, time to head back to reality! The comfort zone of vacation was a delightful respite from stress, but the beauty of it is it is temporary. Thankful to have this job to return to, and eager to go back to work feeling more energized and focused than a few weeks ago. And as wonderful as retreating is, as KCorrigan says-“things happen when you leave the house!” Time to return to reality, get productive, and embrace 2016!

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