Winter weekends

from a 2014 snowstorm on our old street in DC

A few years ago, around daylight savings time, I remember Katie saying how excited she was it was going to get dark early.  I looked at her like she was crazy-why on earth would anyone be ok with it getting darker earlier?

This winter, starting to get it. I think she’s right.  Summer seemed to drag on a bit and after a while, the longer days do mess with the whole circadian rhythm thing. It’s nice to put on candles (or a Netflix fire) in the evening and feel the transition time before a new day.

We’re still early in January, wrapped up in that new year-fresh start-resolution goodness, and I’m sure as winter drags on I’ll be eager for evening sunshine. But for now, I’m kind of enjoying it. Plus, “winter” here is so hardly an event, it makes it easy.

This winter weekend was a nice, low key, stay close to home, weekend.  Taryn was in town and it was wonderful to catch up and share in the excitement of her wedding plans and future. On Saturday, we had our work holiday party, and it is always nice to hang out and relax outside the office. Also, I love celebrating the holidays into January-it helps delay any winter blues. Last night, Alex and Rebecca came over to dinner because they live here now!! After years of a cross-Atlantic friendship they’re back CA. It’s awesome to have a relaxed dinner, catch up and know we’ll see each other again soon.

And now, time to start the new week! 

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