Three day weekend 

As we were driving across the bridge this morning, the clouds were breaking up over the Bay, This song came on the radio-the station had a special playlist for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  It was a beautiful moment to pause and think about history, the 1960s, and Dr. King.

Always appreciate a long weekend, and this one was particularly quiet and RAINY.  Cannot adequately describe how reassuring it is to hear the rain, feel cozy and see green trees and hillsides.  

Tried Johnston’s Saltbox for the first time for Saturday brunch with Kirstin and Melissa.  The food was delicious, but I realllly loved the design.  Simple, airy and light-very comfortable.  Laughing over brunch was a nice, refreshing start to the weekend.  And, a special bonus–since I was on the Penninsula, I got to stop by Max’s house and see Max and Janou!!

Yesterday, David and I braved IKEA. In the rain. On a Sunday, mid-day. Actually, it was pretty painless and dare I say enjoyable? The thing is, I actually love browsing IKEA and often find it comforting and inspiring.  We didn’t have a major agenda, so the whole trip was fairly simple and meltdown free (though we witnessed several meltdowns.  IKEA seems to rival Disneyland in tantrums per capita).  It’ll likely be a different story in a few weeks when we have to make house decisions, but for now, it was kind of fun.

Janou and Max came over for dinner last night and it was SO nice to have them here.  After stopping by on Saturday, and having a cozy dinner with them on Sunday, it just felt so natural, like when we all lived in the same city. Very grateful Janou is able to take these trips so we can all be together.

This morning, we woke up to sunshine and decided to finally escape the cozy and get outside.  We packed a picnic and drove out to Muir Woods. It seems like the rest of the Bay Area had the same idea (it was a free admission day) and the park entrance was PACKED.  The crowds thinned out after the boardwalk, and we enjoyed a peaceful walk through the trees.

After the walk, we asked one of the rangers for picnic suggestions.  She recommended driving up to Muir Beach Overlook.  After a few miles winding up Highway 1, we arrived at spectacular oceanside views.  Even with the cold and clouds, picnicking with this background was pretty awesome.

And now, time to get ready for a new week! We caught up on Downton Abbey-!!! The Carson’s wedding! And the surprise guest at the end!! David and I both actually screamed, it was so exciting.  And, Massimo Bottura’s description of pasta and parmesan in the first episode of Chef’s Table inspired me to try out our new pasta maker. Thanks to that little pasta roller, tonight’s tagliatelle with pesto chicken was a delicious way to end the weekend.

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